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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pick Your Package, Pick Your Price

At Happy Remote, you can pick your package, pick your price for Dish Network programming packages for satellite tv. Currently, you can select Dish Latino for $14.99/month ( 35 Spanish language channels) America's Top 60 for $19.99/month ( over 80 favorite channels), Dish HD Bronze for $29.99/month ( 25 high definition channels and over 80 standard channels), America's Top 120 for $29.99/month ( over 200 great channels), DishHD Silver for $39.99/month ( 25 high definition channels and over 200 standard channels), and America's Top 180 for $39.99/month (over 240 channels). The prices are valid for first 10 months.
Plus, you you can slect one premium 3 months free. Either HBO, CineMax, Showtime or Starz.
You have the convenience of either by phone or online at www.HappyRemote.com.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What is The Dish Designer at www.HappyRemote.com?

The Dish Designer at HappyRemote.com allows you to create your own satellite tv system for your own household. First, you determine how many rooms which you would like independent viewing. The number of rooms can range from one room to four rooms inclusive. Second, after selecting the number of rooms for viewing, you determine which system features which you would like. The four primary features are Standard, DVR, HD, and HD/DVR. Third, you can view your system total. And finally, you can schedule your installation either by phone or online. Voila`! Easy as watching your favorite program on Dish Network via HappyRemote.com.
Go ahead and determine the best option for you and your family for satellite tv selection and make the switch from cable or over the air reception.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

30 Day Money Back Guarantee when Order through HappyRemote.com!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Effective 5/15/06, if customer cancels within 30 days of activation, fees paid by the customer to DISH Network will be refunded, including Activation Fee and monthly programming charges. Exceptions include pay-per-view/video-on-demand charges, lease upgrade fees and payments made to an installation technician at the time of installation. Refund will be made in the same form as payment. Customers will not be subject to the cancellation fee if service is cancelled within 30 days of activation.

What does the above guarantee mean to you? You can order with confidence, no second doubts. You are the customer, as the person in your household who arranges television programming, you are assured that www.HappyRemote.com is the right choice for satellite tv for the Dish Network programming compared to DirecTv or local cable provider.